Customized Series of Learning Experiences

Coaching offers individual educators or entire organizations the ability to co-create a development plan for mastering the Design for Change methodology. With coaching, educators determine the frequency and types of learning experiences that will best support their students and lead to the desired outcomes. Coaching plans are a combination of in-person workshops or feedback sessions, virtual coaching calls, resource development, and other customized learning opportunities.


Co-create a development plan with a DFC Certified coach to best meet desired outcomes for an individual class or your entire organization.

Feel :: Empathize


Develop outcomes and scope of the coaching experience with the support of a DFC Certified coach.

Imagine :: Brainstrom


Work collaboratively to prototype and adjust the development plan.

Do :: Prototype


Receive virtual or in-person training from a DFC Certified coach on the DFC methodology and its implementation.


Continue collaboration while integrating the DFC methodology into the organization’s unique context.

Time Required: Frequency and scope of the coaching plan is flexible and determined by the partner organization
Feature: Engages educators deeply in the Design for Change methodology, design thinking for social impact, and the UN Global Goals
Adaptive: Directly address the needs and constraints of the educators
Context: Builds out robust and highly responsive learning experience for educators
Impact: Results in skill-building and development for educators that aligns to the context and needs of an organization
Price: Contact us to design a program that meets your needs

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