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Design for Change for Educators

How to Get Started with Design for Change

Join the movement of educators who are creating experiences for their students to lead change.


Through an online platform, you can teach students how to build awareness around a social cause and design solutions for change.



A growing library of audio and visual podcasts with supporting materials, designed to help teachers open up conversations about big issues with their students. The podcasts further help students learn about a variety of issues connected to the UN Global Goals, building their empathy and motivation to take action. 



A space for teachers and students to work towards solving a pressing issue in the community using our signature design thinking framework and resources - online, in the classroom, or beyond! 


Learn More About Design for Change


Our web platform allows you to use our activity worksheets and lesson plans to open up discussions about social issues connected to the UN Global Goals. We encourage you to consider what issues most excite your students and which resources best support your curriculum goals.


Become a Certified Design for Change USA Educator today. Get training and certification in teaching our signature Feel, Imagine, Do, Share design framework through our customized, self-paced professional development program. 

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The Global Connection


Over the last 10 years, Design for Change has hosted multiple global celebrations, bringing together student changemakers from over 70+ countries, to share their projects for a better world!

These celebrations have historically been a time for students to gather and build cross cultural connections and friendships, helping them realize the power of their collective action!

This global conference is made for those who complete a change-project with Design for Change and are looking to meet and inspire other changemakers just like them. Our worldwide network offers projects exposure and support for the work students have achieved.

Join us to see how you can be eligible to attend our Be the Change Conference!

Discover More About Design for Change

Design for Change is an engine for students to use what they've learned about big social issues, and come up with effective solutions to solve them.

Join us as we work towards a world where students are learning how to think instead of what to think.


Change Starts with You

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