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Our Modules


Socially responsive podcasts to teach empathy and open discussion.


Hands-on activities that engage students in processing and understanding issues.


Student-led Action Projects that encourage creativity, problem-solving and skills development.

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Socially Responsive Podcasts

design for change
Start the Conversation

Students are constantly being exposed to the big issues of our time - important social issues, which eventually make their way into the classroom. Teach your students how to engage these topics and make a difference. 

Start with a Design for Change podcast based on the topic you want to introduce to your class.


Hands-On Activities

Engage In Design Thinking

Help your students reflect on the podcasts and the lessons they learned so far about a particular topic, and teach them to apply their knowledge with hands-on activities that show them how to ask questions and explore solutions.

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Student Action Plans

Once students have listened to a podcast and practiced an empathy-building activity, it's time to start a student action project.

What is a student-led action project? An action project is a project that applies what students learn in the classroom with hands-on action and a problem-solving framework to create real change in the community.

Ready to start a Student Action Project, or curious about how they work?

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Teacher Supported, Student-Led

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