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Our Impact

We have seen what is possible when students are given the tools to drive social change in their community.

kids planting trees

Do you believe that... 3rd graders can shut down a drug house? 5th graders can create a pipeline between farmers and food deserts? High school students can increase access to better mental health support at their school? We do.


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students in the USA have changed their community in a positive way through Design for Change

30,000 +


of teachers surveyed report that DFC increased students' self-motivation to complete tasks and persist through obstacles


surveyed report that DFC increased students' empathy for the experiences of others


surveyed report that DFC increased students' engagement with problem-solving for their schools or communities

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Support Our Mission

Design for Change USA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit
organization based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our work is primarily funded through donations from individuals and corporate sponsors and also revenue from providing services to schools and organizations around the country.

If you believe in our mission and want to help us make it possible, please consider a donation. Any contribution is meaningful.

Thank you,

Sanjli Gidwaney

Director, Design for Change USA

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