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Do you believe that... 3rd graders can shut down a drug house? 5th graders can create a pipeline between farmers and food deserts? High school students can increase access to better mental health support at their school? We do.

At DFC, we not only believe, we have seen what is possible when students are given the tools to drive social change in their community.


students in the USA have changed their community in a positive way through Design for Change

30,000 +


of teachers surveyed report that DFC increased students' self-motivation to complete tasks and persist through obstacles


surveyed report that DFC increased students' empathy for the experiences of others


surveyed report that DFC increased students' engagement with problem-solving for their schools or communities

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Inspiring Student Projects 

Design for Change USA Ambassadors 

2018 Ambassador Team


By The Bellaire School (P.S. 135Q)

Queens, New York, NY

2017 Ambassador Team

"H.O.P.E : Have Only Positive Expectations"

By Washington Elementary

Sandpoint, ID

2016 Ambassador Team

"Supporting Refugees in Our Community"

By Exploris School

Raleigh, NC

2015 Ambassador Team

"Starfish Program"

By John Winthrop School (City Year)

Dorchester, MA

2014 Ambassador Team

"Trap Houses"

By Charles Rice Learning Center (ACU)

Dallas, TX

2013 Ambassador Team

"Crazy Horse School"

By The Crazy Horse School (TFA)

Pine Ridge, SD