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Healthy Communications


The Healthy Communications Project is a website/app that matches people with the same health problems so people can engage with a real person going through the same things. Users have the option to sort the matches by geography if they want to meet in person. The app also lists real information for licensed therapists.

"We learned we have to work together to make change."

- Student Reflection


Interviewing Various Stakeholders

Students began this work by researching and digging into the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As they narrowed their focus – based on interest – to Good Health and Well-Being, students then conducted interviews of peers, community members, mental health experts and therapists.

Researching to Refine Ideas

Students further conducted research based on the data they had collected from their community interviews. This research stage allowed for students to narrow their focus, specifically, on live and concrete resources available for those impacted by issues of mental health. They then brainstormed all of the possible solutions – thinking bigly and boldly and also considering the feasibility of each idea. Finally, students used their research and data to refine an idea that aligned specifically to the issues that were most pressing – creating an app to connect individuals who have similar stories, locally and globally.

Ongoing Prototyping to Make Adjustments

They worked diligently to create a fully developed website – created to raise awareness, offer support and connect people facing issues of mental health. They then shifted focus to their person-matching component. They designed a number of prototypes, gathered feedback, reworked their prototype.

Sharing through Multi-Media

Students designed and created a video of their project to share more broadly. Students were also able to share with their school community. Also, they used their wesbite as a platform to share.

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