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Racism, Discrimination, Minnesota


The #HelpStopRacism Project researched the factors and consequences of discrimination and racism. Through a deliberate and multi-faceted awareness campaign, students worked to educate and empower others to take action against discrimination and racism.

"Racism is a local and global issue and we can make a difference."

- Student Reflection


Listening to Stories of Discrimination and Racism

Compelled by stories and instances of discrimination and racism, students set out to research more about the many causes and the consequences of discrimination and racism. They also recognized the importance of listening to others’ stories and experiences while also considering their own and their families’ lived experiences.

Learning from Others

Students researched others’ approach to combatting discrimination and racism. They also further documenting the experiences of their peers with regards to discrimination and racism. Using this information, they brainstormed ideas for ways to promote anti-discrimination and anti-racism.

Using Stories to Create Powerful Content

Students developed a document and a script from their research on issues of discrimination and racism. From there, students created a survey for their peers to document their experience with discrimination and racism. They then used this information and their peers’ stories to identify specific issues to combat while also creating a presentation and a website. They purposely highlighted instances of racism, research on race and racism, and microaggressions.

Presenting Components of Their Work with Various Audiences

They shared their scripts and the website with the high school Women and Society class, shared their survey with the teachers and school leaders. They also had the opportunity to present their website and video with their classmates to inspire them to be involved. Finally, they made and distributed posters to further promote their work.


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