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Tools and Resources for Student Led Change

Get Started with Design for Change

Join a movement of educators who are creating a pathway for students to make a difference. Through our web platform, students build awareness around a social cause and design solutions for change.


Class activities, lesson plans, and learning paths


Social change podcasts that teach empathy and open discussion


Articles written by educators and social rights experts

Design Thinking Worksheets, Lesson Plans, and Learning Paths


Interested in accessing our resources all in one place? Join our web platform, a space for teachers and students to work towards solving a local community issue, using our signature design thinking framework. Our platform allows you to use our activity worksheets and lesson plans to open up discussions about social issues connected to the UN Global Goals. We encourage you to consider what issues most excite your students and which resources best support your curriculum goals. 

**When your students complete their DFC project using our platform, they are eligible for an opportunity to become DFC USA Ambassadors to our annual global conferences.


Social Change Podcasts

Start the Conversation

Students are constantly being exposed to the big issues of our time - important social issues, which eventually make their way into the classroom. Teach your students how to engage these topics and make a difference. 

Start with a Design for Change podcast based on the topic you want to introduce to your class.

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DFC Educator and Social Change Expert Articles

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