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Announcing 2021 Design for Change USA Grant Recipients

A big shoutout to ALL students and teachers who participated in DFC USA this year!

We are grateful for your submissions, and are thrilled to announce the recipients of the DFC USA Grant for their work in: Racial Justice, Climate Action, and Educational Equity.

Grant Recipients

Racial Justice: The Exploris School

Students used the FIDS process to shine a light on the untold racist history of their local county, sharing what they learned with both local and international audiences. They created workshops and presentations highlighting systemic racism from the local lynching and murder of George Taylor to George Floyd’s murder in 2020.

Climate Action: Visitation School

Students use the FIDS process to address both Climate Action and the fight against hunger by creating a community garden, in attempts to combat the impact of living in a local food desert. This project also serves to provide space for hands-on environmental education.

Educational Equity: Enloe High School

The importance of representation in education goes beyond the classroom. Through a series of surveys and interviews, Art History students from Enloe High School, appealed for more diversity in art collections at local museums. Enloe student are now working with several museums, to ensure students are exposed to more diverse artwork and artists.

Congratulations to all grant recipients and all students who participated in DFC during an unprecedented year and thank you for BEING THE CHANGE!

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