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DFC News - June 2021: Pride Month at Design for Change

After a historic school year, it's finally summer. Thank you teachers for all your hard work! We hope you find time to relax before ramping up for the new school year.

In this article...

  • Pride Month at Design for Change

  • New podcast episode on Gender Equity

  • The DFC International Rainforest Challenge

  • Sign up for our Professional Development program

What's New

Happy Pride Month!

At Design for Change, we are celebrating Pride Month to uplift the voices of LGBTQ community members. We hope the stories shared through our resources and podcasts, remind everyone that our best self is our truest self, and everyone has the right to be who they really are!

New Podcast Episode: Gender Equity

As part of commemorating Pride Month, we've released our latest podcast on Gender Equity! Hear...

  • The powerful stories of LGBTQ youth

  • What they wish you knew about their lives and experiences

  • How society has shaped their view of themselves and those around them

Elevate the voices of LGBTQ students by sharing this podcast!

Click here to listen to the podcast.

International Rainforest Challenge

Design for Change presents The Rainforest Kids Challenge, also supported by XPRIZE RAINFOREST. The challenge tasks students to apply the FIDS framework and use their creativity and problem solving skills to come up with ways and means to protect and preserve the rainforest around the world. Students have an opportunity to actively take part in the climate discourse and engage with the diverse problems they can observe and act on to save our planet. Four projects will have an opportunity to win $2,000 each!

Professional Development Training

Planning for the next academic year? Looking for training and support to implement the Design for Change: Feel, Imagine, Do, Share framework with students?

Contact us at to learn about our live and self-paced virtual training experience!


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We provide a free web and mobile platform for educators to bring the Design for Change program into their classrooms, in person or virtually.

Social Change Podcasts for Students

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Professional Development Courses

Get certified as an expert educator in design thinking, or complete Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) training for educators

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